Mac-based Trojan targets Uyghur activists

Human rights attacked online

Security 29 Jun 16:27

Two weeks ’til the internet disappears, for 58 Fortune 500 companies

Stand by for 4 per cent of the US gov to go dark, too

Malware 29 Jun 15:52

Stratfor settles class-action over Anon megahack with freebies

You want fries with that bucket-o-geopolitical-intel?

Enterprise Security 29 Jun 14:31

Apple’s Mountain Lion to offer automatic security updates

Crikey – now there’s a thought

Enterprise Security 29 Jun 13:27

Open-source password keeper to get ‘minor’ weekend security fix

You’d need to make several dumbass moves to get bitten

ID 29 Jun 10:14

Join the gov consultation on net porn … and have your identity revealed

Tick ‘confidential’ if you like: it means simply nothing

ID 29 Jun 09:14

Free tool inspects all your personal ‘ware automatically

Can’t tell your wife you’re doing updates any more

Security 29 Jun 07:17

Security still slack in WA government agencies

Auditor General highlights payment security concerns

Security 28 Jun 21:53

Google Chrome update plugs score of security bugs

It’s version 20 ‘cos it closes that many vulns

Malware 28 Jun 10:44

No need to comply with data laws if it’s too difficult – EU ministers

If you don’t know data is personal, maybe it isn’t?

ID 28 Jun 07:54

‘Evil’ hacker gets two and a half years in the slammer

cyber crime motivated by ego and unemployment

Crime 28 Jun 01:12

Fraudsters phish for NatWest clients with ‘Stephen Hester’ email

Web link snare asks for personal info

Enterprise Security 27 Jun 13:58

Automated bank scam ‘Operation High Roller’ stole from the rich

To give to unknown auto-mule crims in the cloud

Crime 27 Jun 10:29

FBI nabs 24 in card-fraud forum sting

Updated Feds had been having tips-and-tricks with fraudsters for YEARS

Crime 27 Jun 10:17

Crypto boffins: RSA tokens can be cracked in 13 MINUTES

No practical risk to SecurID 800 users – RSA

Enterprise Security 27 Jun 09:13

69,000 sign petition to save TV-linker O’Dwyer from US extradition

Gov might be made to listen – if it wasn’t Jimbo Wales

Crime 27 Jun 07:44

Anonymous turns ire on Japan after anti-piracy law passes

Key sites get a good DDoS-ing

Security 27 Jun 06:15

Hotelier faces FTC data breach lawsuit

Agency claims Wyndam’s security inadequate, credit card info sent to Russia

Security 26 Jun 22:35

Apple users get pricier hotel options from Orbitz

Booking site offers PC users cheaper choices

ID 26 Jun 22:25

Russian K-force operatives cuff suspected Carberp trojan bank raider

Nobody steals from the Rodina, citizen

Malware 26 Jun 15:01

MI5 boss: Cyber spies, web-enabled crooks threaten UK economy

Security Service head warns of organised hacker peril

Enterprise Security 26 Jun 12:19

TechRadar shuts down forums after user database hacked

Emails, DoBs and passwords stolen from UK tech site

ID 26 Jun 09:43

Even Apples sometimes have worms in them, admits Cupertino

Sinful humans can drag down even angelic Macs

Malware 26 Jun 09:22

Lithe British youngsters prioritise fun over privacy and security

Merrily allow themselves to be slurped and probed

ID 26 Jun 07:39

Enterprises clueless about network usage: IBM

Social media, apps create security time-bombs

Security 26 Jun 03:52

Users still slack about passwords: Trustwave

eHarmony analysis shows people just don’t care

Security 25 Jun 22:31

UK net-biz cleanup squad plans to establish international operations

IWF says battle against vile imagery needs to go global

Crime 25 Jun 15:57

LulzSec suspects plead guilty to DDoS attacks

Pelted police, spooks, corps with digital refuse

Enterprise Security 25 Jun 15:41

Mensch pal Bozier defends Menshn security, dubs critics ‘snippy geeks’

‘Your SQL is like what my 4-yr-old would write’

Enterprise Security 25 Jun 12:49

Hackers publish payday loan emails after failing to levy ‘idiot tax’

‘World King’ doesn’t care for the word extortion

ID 22 Jun 16:03

Office printers spew reams of garbage as 2-year-old Trojan runs wild

Different kind of garbage

Malware 22 Jun 14:25

Iran: Our nuke facilities still under attack by US, Israelis ‘and MI6’

Now pay attention 007, this is a computer

Enterprise Security 22 Jun 14:01

Assange: Australian neglect made me flee to Ecuador embassy

Oz should have told Sweden, UK to leave me alone. Or else

Crime 22 Jun 11:58

Firefox ‘new tab’ feature exposes users’ secured info: Fix promised

Unlucky version 13 not ideal, Mozilla admits

ID 22 Jun 09:13

Rare AutoCAD worm lifted blueprints from Peru, sent them to China

Reverse engineering superseded by forward engineering

Malware 21 Jun 15:54

New body to supervise as your NHS file includes more and more stuff

64b/1: Circumstances of asphyxiation. Auto-erotic (Y/N)

ID 21 Jun 08:44

Windows 8 ‘harder for malware to exploit’, says security analysis

Getting penetrated doesn’t mean they own you

Malware 21 Jun 08:00

LinkedIn faces class action suit over password leak

People can take data from us, but not money

Security 21 Jun 07:41

Nigerian scams are hyper-efficient idiot finders

The bigger the lie, the bigger the pile of cash scammers scoop, says MSFT boffin

Security 21 Jun 04:39

Consumer Affairs Victoria drops App Store malware claim

Chatting to Apple to clarify things, so page comes down for now

Security 20 Jun 23:44

Bromium twists chip virty circuits to secure PCs and servers

Trust nothing, protect the Byzantine general kernel

Security 20 Jun 20:46

Syrian rebels targeted using commercial Skype trojan

It’s already encrypted, EFF warns dissidents

Malware 20 Jun 15:59

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