visual command line (for you create *.bat file)

Visual Command Line is a tool which allows you to create bat files (that are used by the Command Prompt of Windows) easily.Visual Command Line uses categories to simplify the use of the program, it also allows the user to choose a command, add it, and edit the command the way the user wants to.


  • Take full control of the Command Prompt (CMD) of Windows operation system.
  • Argument Panel to easily edit your command with a user interface.
  • Get information as you type (supports the bat file commands).
  • Create bat files in an easy way.
  • Batch commands divided into categories to ease the way you create bat files.
  • Explanation for all of the bat file commands and it’s most important (or all) arguments.
  • Information panel that shows a description for all of the bat file commands and for the most important (or all) arguments.


Click here to view screenshots of this product.


Visual Command Line v1.1.25

(25 Jan 2011)

*click here to view the download for all the versions of this product.

System Requirements


To Do List

  • Add: Reference for the commands and arguments of the Linux Terminal (Bash language) and the Mac Terminal.
  • Add: The possibility to debug a script.
  • Add: AutoComplete window.
  • Add: AutoSave option.
  • Add: Tooltip (as-you-type) to be case insensitive.
  • Fix: “File”>”Close Document” doesn’t close floating window documents correctly.

Quick Links / Reference

  • It is possible to learn the bat file commands (and how to create bat files) for Command Prompt, Linux Terminal, Mac Terminal from here (commands reference) and from here (MS-DOS, DOS Prompt – commands reference).


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